About School

Established in 2016 B.S., Shree Janata Secondary School is located at Khurhuriya, Saptari. Since the very beginning the school has been engaged in developing the educational sector in Saptari. This school is well-funded and equipped as it provides Computer Science courses to the students. The teachers well understand the concept of technical education and its importance, and have been training the students to get updated with the latest technology. Read More.....

Principal's Message

campus Chief

Surya Narayan Yadav , Principal

Welcome to Shree Janata Secondary School, the school which prioritizes the education in the district above all. The school has always been keen in initiating innovative teaching strategies. In the modern world, education is the first and foremost pre-requisite for any development task. Since the establishment of the school in 2016 B.S., the school Read More......

Our Facilities


Our School library has all the resourceful books for our students to study in a peaceful environment.


School transportation is available only on special occasions.


Students enroll in different sports as per their interest. Sports week for students are organized to build up their ECA's.

Smart Classes

Students are provided smart class using projector so they can be introduced with the latest technology used in modern generation.

Field Trips

The school organizes field trip every 6 months to aware the students about field experiences.


Schools have different Lab rooms different field of study used in their technical field for practical demonstration and experiments.

Our Course

Computer Science

A study of progarmming tech., applications and basics of computer science


Business & Mathematics

A study of calculation in business


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