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Shree Janata Secondary school

Established in 2016 B.S., Shree Janata Secondary School is located at Khurhuriya, Saptari. Since the very beginning the school has been engaged in developing the educational sector in Saptari. This school is well-funded and equipped as it provides Computer Science courses to the students. The teachers well understand the concept of technical education and its importance, and have been training the students to get updated with the latest technology. The world itself is ever-changing and ever-growing. If we can’t keep up, then there will be nothing left for us than regret. The school teaches the students to handle the pressure and give them opportunities to better themselves through different mediums.

The school staff is dedicated towards the better future for the students. For this, we organize meetings for the parents so that they are able to witness the growth of their children and take part in suggestive activities for the school to improve. We are thankful for the number of staff and students we have on this day and are always open for the students who seek a quality education and a better future.

Shree Janata Secondary School

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